Home workouts made easy with your Amazfit

How do you keep your motivation to exercise at home? How do you stay in shape, and be at your best when all will be back to normal? Can your Amazfit Bip help you? I'm convinced that it can!

I was on the lookout for some products that can help me improve my running and activity level, but I wasn’t sure which product to choose. I saw a product called the Amazfit Bip smartwatch, which looked promising. After reading some reviews, I decided to go ahead and buy mine.

Are you a fan of circuit training? Or live step classes? Do you follow fitness channels on Youtube? There are plenty of opportunities on the Internet to do fitness workouts and keep fit.

No matter what type of training you do at home, the Amazfit Bip is useful

  • to monitor your heart rate
  • count the number of steps or movements during your workout
  • keep an eye on your weekly progress

Moreover, the Mi Fit application offers you the history of your activity for the last few weeks:

mi fit walking heart rate amazfit

And then there’s the fact that it tracks calories burned so you have a record of your activities. You will be able to keep track of what you are doing with the most ease possible; no more having to keep track of your works through a notebook anymore!

How to start your workout? Which function should I choose on my Amazfit?

We advise you to choose the 'treadmill' activity, for home workouts:

  • Click on the watch button
  • Swipe left twice and select 'activity'.
  • Swipe left once and choose 'treadmill'.

amazfit bip home workout

The Amazfit (Bip or Bip Lite) will start counting the number of steps or movements you will perform during your training.

At the bottom of the dial, you will see your heart rate, in real-time, and color bars.

The rule of the game here is to stay in the yellow/orange zone for a background exercise.

If you stay in the blue or green zone, that's not great. That's because you're not putting enough energy into your exercise. Maybe the exercise is too easy for you? Then try to increase the difficulty by following the advice of your virtual coach.


If you reach the red zone, you are on the verge of exhaustion. The exercise is too difficult for you and you won't be able to continue at this pace for long. If your goal is to burn fat, you need a longer workout. So slow down your pace. Make it easier and get back into the yellow zone. (see the pic below)


orange zone amazfit bip workout
The Orange Zone on the Amazfit

Heart rate alerts via your watch?

The Amazfit Bip allows you to set a maximum heart rate. If you exceed this limit, your watch will start to vibrate. This makes it easier not to stay in the red zone too often.

To set the limit on your watch, go to 'Activity', then 'Activity settings' (last screen), then 'heart rate alert'.

There are many methods to calculate your ideal heart rate according to your age and the intensity of exercise.

Share your workout

Do your friends and family also have an Amazfit watch? Why don't you share your efforts with them?

To do so, touch 'friends' at the bottom of the application, scan their QR code or give them your QR code. You can also invite them by email, Facebook, or Twitter.


mi fit share with friends

You can keep motivated in your group and challenge each other!

Who will be the first to arrive at 10,000 steps today?

If you have any ideas for fun physical challenges between friends, don't wait to share them below! And above all, keep in shape!

-- Lara

* This information on this page is valid for the Amazfit Bip, Bip Lite, Bip 2.


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  • My amizfit watch does not have cardio or zumba..what should I use??

    Tenna Smith

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