How to connect your Y5 smartwatch?

So you've just bought your Y5 smartwatch and you're a little lost about how to synchronize it with your phone? You will find here our step by step guide to connect your Y5 fitness tracker, easily, in less than 3 minutes! 

Three easy steps will be needed:

  1. Charge your smartwatch
  2. Install the JYou app from your phone's app store
  3. Start the app and connect your phone, in the settings / binding equipment page

Continue reading below for all the details.

Y5 smart watch fitness tracker


Charge your smartwatch

It's better to make sure your smartwatch is charged. You can charge it using any USB port (of your PC for example), or any standard USB charger. The charging port of the fitness tracker is hidden in the lower strap, so you'll have to remove this strap to find the charging port.

Plug your watch in your charger, and it should vibrate 3 times. If nothing happens, plug it in the reverse way. A full charge should be done in 1 hour.

Install the smartwatch app

First, find the 'JYou' app in the Apple App Store or in the Google Play store, and install it on your phone.

jyou app for Y5 smart watch

Here are the links for the app in the stores:


Connect your smartwatch to your phone

Now that you have the phone app installed, and your smartwatch charged, turn it on by pressing the front watch button during a few seconds. 

Make sure Bluetooth is activated and start the JYou app on your phone.

You do not need a login to use the app, simple click on the 'Over login' button as seen below (yes there is a translation error in the current app version, It should read 'without login') :

jyou app login

You can go now to the 'settings' and click on the 'binding equipment' menu:

smart watch y5 settings

Click on the double arrows on the top to refresh the view, and you should see your watch appear as 'Y5-xxxx'. Click on it and it should appear in the connected device list.

Congratulations, your smart watch is now synchronized to your phone!

Enjoy and start monitoring your physical activity !

In the app click on 'status', 'sleep', 'sport' or 'data' to show your current activity status, and historical data.

In the settings part, you can enable additional features, like alarms, message notifications, or the ability to remotely take a photo on your phone from your smartwatch.

Y5 fitness tracker demo

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