How to use an OBD2 scanner?

You'd like to buy a Bluetooth OBD2 scanner? Do you have some questions about OBD2? Here are the most common questions about OBD2 scanners.

compact obd2 scanner

First, what is OBD2 or OBD-II?

A Bluetooth OBD2 scanner allows the reading of the standardized Diagnostic Trouble Codes (or DTC), generated by the computer system embedded in your vehicle, as well as the real-time information coming from the sensors connected to the onboard computers. In Europe, this interface is also known as EOBD.

Any fault that may lead to exceeding the thresholds, causes a standard lighting ‘Malfunction Indicator Light’ indicator (MIL), 'Service' indicator, or 'check engine light'.

An ELM327 OBD2 Bluetooth scanner also allows clearing DTCs. Of course, erasing error codes should only be done if the failure cause has been repaired, or other more serious failures could occur.

Is my car compatible with this interface?

Yes our Bluetooth OBD2 scanner should work perfectly with your car since this OBD2 interface is mandatory on all vehicles marketed after 2005 in Europe and much earlier in the United States, in 1996. 

Where is the OBD2 connector?

The connector is located on the dashboard near the steering wheel or sometimes between the two front seats. In any case, it is within the driver's reach.

What is the ELM327?

The ELM327 is the name of the original micro-controller created to connect to the On Board Diagnostics interface. The command protocol used by the ELM327 is compatible with lots of car diagnostics software (sometimes also known as EML327).

Can I control the performance of my engine with the OBD2 interface?

Yes, with some Android apps like Torque, you can measure all kinds of data to check the health of your engine.

You can for example:

  • automatically measure the time from 0 to 60mph or 0 to 100km/h
  • check your exact fuel consumption, and automatically record consumption on each routes you drive.

You also have applications that turn your phone into a kind of HUD (head up display) for safer driving, which works quite well during the night.


What's the default pin code for a bluetooth OBD2 interface?

When your phone connects to the OBD2 bluetooth scanner, it will ask for a pin code. This code can be different depending on your adapter's brand.

But for the OBD2 interface that we have in our store, the pin code is simply 1234.


If you have more questions about OBD2 and our ELM327 Bluetooth interface, feel free to comment below.

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