Mini Bluetooth OBD2 scanner with real EML327
Mini Bluetooth OBDII scanner EML327
OBD2 scanner EML327 compatible with Android 4.3 and more
Mini Bluetooth OBDII scanner EML327 with Torque app
Mini Bluetooth OBDII scanner EML327 real v1.5 firmware
Mini Bluetooth OBD2 scanner EML327 with cable extension in option
OBD2 scanner EML327 with real 1.5 firmware, not a bad clone

Mini Bluetooth OBD2 scanner ELM327 for Android

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One of the best OBD2 bluetooth scanner to Diagnose and Erase the error codes of your car!

Diagnose your vehicle yourself with your phone without breaking the bank. Find out why your dashboard lights are on, and interpret the error codes for free! No need to go to your dealer or garage.

Download on your Android phone applications like EOBD Easy, Torque, DashCommand, inCarDoc and you will be able to see the error codes of your car, with this ELM327 OBD2 adapter.

  • save by zeroing error codes without going through the garage
  • get information about the problem behind a DTC error code, an injection failure
  • obtain the data of the various engine' sensors (precise temperature, pressure)
  • check the engine performance
  • modify ECU parameters with the free DDT4All Windows application


  • Bluetooth connection for Android, and Windows / Linux PCs only (not iPhone compatible)
  • Type ELM327 firmware version 1.5 (real firmware version, you should avoid ELM327 v2.1 clones)
  • Compatible with OBD-II protocols SAE J1850 & J1939, ISO 9141-2 14230-4 15765-4 
  • OBD2 also know as ODB2 or OBD-II
  • Default scanner Bluetooth pin code: 1234


What is OBD2 or OBD-II?

This OBD2 bluetooth scanner allows the reading of the standardized Diagnostic Trouble Codes (or DTC), generated by the computer system embedded in your vehicle, as well as the real-time information coming from the sensors connected to the on-board computers. In Europe this interface is also known as EOBD.

Any fault that may lead to exceeding the thresholds, causes a standard lighting ‘Malfunction Indicator Light’ indicator (MIL), 'Service' indicator, or 'check engine light'.

This ELM327 OBD2 bluetooth scanner also allows clearing DTCs. Of course, erasing error codes should only be done if the failure cause has been repaired, or other more serious failures could occur.

Is my car compatible with this interface?

Yes this OBD2 Bluetooth scanner should work perfectly with your car since this OBD2 interface is mandatory on all vehicles marketed after 2005 in Europe and much earlier in the United States, in 1996. 

Where is the OBD2 connector?

The connector is located on the dashboard near the steering wheel or sometimes between the two front seats. In any case, it is within the driver's reach.

What is the ELM327?

The ELM327 is the name of the original micro-controller created to connect to the On Board Diagnostics interface. The command protocol used by the ELM327 is compatible with lots of car diagnostics softwares. 

Can I control the performance of my engine with the OBD2 interface?

Yes, with some Android apps like Torque, you can measure all kinds of data to check the health of your engine.

You can for example:

  • automatically measure the time from 0 to 60mph or 0 to 100km/h
  • check your exact fuel consumption, and automatically record consumption on each routes you drive.

You also have applications that turn your phone into a kind of HUD (head up display), for a safer driving, which work quite well during the night.

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