Raspberry PI MIDI interfaces for PI 3/4/Zero

Raspberry PI MIDI interfaces for PI 3/4/Zero

Need to add MIDI capabilities to your Raspberry PI because commercial MIDI controllers are too limited? Here are our solutions below.

We now have MIDI hats (or shields) for your Raspberry PI 3/4 and Zero. With them you'll be able to build your custom MIDI controller. We use TRS MIDI connectors in order to have something really compact that will fit in most Raspberry cases, and reduce the cables clutter you'd get with fragile USB MIDI adapters. 

If you've ever wanted to explore the exciting intersection of technology and music, this is your golden opportunity. Our Midi Hats are ingeniously designed to transform your Raspberry Pi, including the Pi Zero, into a powerful USB MIDI and 5-pin MIDI Host. This means you can turn your beloved Pi into a versatile MIDI interface, capable of connecting your USB MIDI and legacy controllers to a wide array of MIDI gear.

Raspberry PI 3/4 SLIM MIDI hat

Its SLIM form factor allows you to avoid using bulky USB-MIDI cables. Simply add two holes for the two mini-jack connections to your existing Raspberry enclosure, and your Raspberry will be turned into a really small MIDI data processor.

Example of Raspberry MIDI software that can be used with the shields:

  • PureDataopen source visual programming language for multimedia.
  • OctopyMulti-channel midi-capable audio/midi player on the Raspberry Pi platform using Python 3.
  • Custom Python scripts

Raspberry PI Zero W SLIM MIDI hat

If you're searching for something even more cheaper and compact, a Raspberry PI Zero has enough power to make a small MIDI processor. So we also have this hat ready to be used on your PI ZERO.

For a great tutorial on how to use this Raspberry PI MIDI hat and how to reconfigure the Raspberry serial port to 31250 bauds please read our blog post.

So, dust off that Raspberry Pi, grab one of our Midi Hats, and embark on a musical adventure where innovation meets harmony. Unleash your inner maker, and let your creativity flow through the digital notes and analog sounds of your newfound MIDI prowess. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! 

Both hats can be bought below:


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