SQ23 camera manual

Great! You got your mini action SQ23 camera! But now you wonder how to activate all its features, with only 2 buttons? Those 2 buttons will allow you to take still photographs, start filming and activate the IR lights for night shooting.

You're lucky since the SQ23 buttons have the same functions as the SQ13 which we have already covered in this article: SQ13 camera instructions.

So please read this article.

Quick summary of the leds and buttons functions:

  • Button 1: Power key
  • Button 2: Mode key
  • Led 7: Red color. Power on
  • Led 8: Orange color. Night vision
  • Led 9: Green color. Wifi
  • Led 10: Blue color. Recording

SQ23 mini camera instructions

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It seems that you have to upgrade the firmware. Please watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDpBJmrp2FU … very dangerous anyway since some people did not gain access after the upgrade… :(


I forgot the wifi password of SQ23. how can i find or reset it? thank you

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