What is RTP MIDI?

What is RTP-MIDI?

RTP MIDI is a protocol to transport MIDI messages within RTP (Real-time Protocol) packets over Ethernet and WiFi networks.
You computer can talk to RTP-MIDI devices without any hardware MIDI interface connected to it.

So with RTP MIDI:
  • you can connect MIDI keyboards and computers from a long distance, you are not limited to MIDI cable length
  • use your existing Ethernet network and cables to connect MIDI devices
  • you are not limited by MIDI THRU delays
  • you can use MIDI wireless over WiFi
  • you can use as many MIDI ports and channels as you like

rtp midi usb interface

How can I start using MIDI RTP?

Good news for MacOS and iOS users, no additional software is needed, network-MIDI is included in every Mac since OS X 10.4, and the RTP-MIDI driver is reached using the Network icon in the MIDI/Audio Configuration tool.

You'll need to add simple software on your Windows computer to act as a virtual MIDI/RTP MIDI bridge. 

I recommend rtpMIDI by Tobias Erichsen which is free and easy to install. It is fully compliant with Apple's implementation, and can then be used to connect a Windows machine with a Mac computer.

For your synthesizers, you'll need a MIDI-RTP box:

Is RTP MIDI reliable?

Compared to MIDI 1.0, RTP-MIDI includes new features like session management, device synchronization and detection of lost packets, with automatic regeneration of lost data. RTP-MIDI is compatible with real-time applications, and supports sample-accurate synchronization for each MIDI message.

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