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Bluetooth Wireless 5-pin DIN MIDI and USB Host adapter / MVAVE MS1

Bluetooth Wireless 5-pin DIN MIDI and USB Host adapter / MVAVE MS1

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Wish to eliminate the clutter of MIDI cables and give you the freedom to move around your workspace?

This adapter uses Bluetooth to transmit MIDI data without the need for cables, allowing for greater mobility and flexibility in musical performances and recordings. It also works as a USB Host box, that sends MIDI over Bluetooth.

  1. Increased Mobility: With a MIDI wireless adapter, you can move around freely without the restriction of cables. This makes it easier to perform or record music without worrying about tripping over cables or accidentally unplugging devices.

  2. Greater Flexibility: A MIDI wireless adapter allows you to connect MIDI devices to a variety of platforms, including MacOS computers, iOS, and iPad tablets. This gives you more options for composing and performing music.

  3. Low Latency: MIDI wireless adapters typically offer low-latency performance, meaning that there is minimal delay between playing a note and hearing it. This is important for musicians who need to respond quickly to changes in tempo or dynamics.

  4. Easy Setup: MIDI wireless adapters are easy to install and use, making them a convenient option for musicians and producers who want to streamline their workflow.

  5. USB host function. The USB key can work as a cheap USB host to MIDI converter, for your MIDI keyboard or controller.

The adapter has two parts: 'MIDIA' the 5-pin MIDI IN/OUT pair, and 'MIDIB' the USB A dongle.

  • 'MIDIA'  5-pin MIDI dongles that you connect to your synth or MIDI device.
    • MIDIB will automatically connect to MIDIA
    • or Your MacOS computer, iPhone or iPad can also connect to MIDIA with a standard Bluetooth MIDI connection
  • 'MIDIB' the USB dongle is the sender/receiver which can be connected to:
    • your computer, to send and receive MIDI messages to the 5 pins MIDI adapters
    • or to a USB MIDI keyboard, with the USB female connector. In that case, the USB dongle acts like a USB host box (see photo below). Works with electric pianos, electronic keyboards, synthesizers, digital mixers, MIDI controllers, MIDI interfaces, keytars, electric wind instruments, v-accordions, electronic drums, audio interfaces, and more!


Please use a good-quality USB supply for the MIDI-B dongle. If you get lost MIDI notes it is caused by a poor USB power supply!



  • Wireless connection with automatic pairing between the USB key and the two 5-pin MIDI devices.
  • Low Latency: This completely self-contained wireless solution features ultra-low 3ms latency, and long-distance (10m. no-hassle) for home, studio, and stage applications. 
  • Multi-function: "MIDIA" can be connected to the 5-pin MIDI DIN interface of standard MIDI equipment, and "MIDIB" supports MIDI equipment with a USB interface.
  • "MIDIA"  can be used without "MIDIB" if you want to connect your iOS or MacOS device
  • Point-to-point MIDI connection: Instead of your MIDI cable, it gives you a wireless and untethered freedom experience. 
  • Wireless frequency band: 2.4GHz
  • Effective distance: ≤10 meters transmission distance
  • Power requirements: MIDI A built-in rechargeable battery. Can be charged via USB cable and adapter
  • Supports MIDI SYSEX with a limit of 16 bytes messages
  • MIDI B can be powered via an adapter
  • Reference: MVAVE MS1

Compatible with any MIDI keyboard with a USB connection. For some MIDI controllers like the Novation Launchpad X and Novation Launchpad Mini, make sure you plug MidiB to your power source, wait 2-3 seconds, then plug the Launchpad USB cable.

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Customer Reviews

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Great with my korg synths

Works great with my Arturia keyboard some of my Korg Synths: Minilogue, Wavestate, Volca keys! The pairing is instantaneous. Will buy others soon :)


Excelent and fast !!! congratulations !!😀👍

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