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M-Vave Wireless Midi Controller with 4 foot switches

M-Vave Wireless Midi Controller with 4 foot switches

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A portable, compact, battery-powered Bluetooth MIDI pedal.

This pedal allows you to send MIDI messages via Bluetooth or USB. One or more MIDI message can be assigned to each switch. You can assign different messages for short, momentary and long presses.

Each switch can programmed to send the following messages:

  • MIDI Program Change
  • MIDI Note On
  • MIDI Note Off
  • MIDI Sysex


  • 4 foot switches
  • External TRS jack input for connecting an expression pedal or sending MIDI
  • Control via an easy to use application (CubeSuite available in the appstore, or apk to download).
  • The battery offers 12 hours of use, with a charge of 2.5 hours (300mAh battery)
  • The LED screen can directly return the commands you issued, intuitive and clear.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and other platforms that support MIDI via Bluetooth, or USB MIDI.
  • Model: M-VAVE Chocolate
  • Size: 212*36*17mm

Customer Reviews

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llego antes, es buenisimo funciona con daw reaper y vst helix native

Harold O.
satisfied by this little midi controller

I am extremely satisfied by this little midi controller, the building quality is great and it works with neural DSP guitar plugin.
The only cons so far is the BT range because I saw that it just stays connected to the PC in few meters distance (same room, like 2-3 meters, if you go further it disconnects).
If you don't buy the bundle with the wireless dongle, you'll need 2 programs to connect the M-Vave Chocolate wirelessly via BT on a Windows PC: the programs are Loopmidi and MIDIberry.
The push buttons are maybe a little tiny for some feet, but you could buy the big plastic cover for some cent here on AliExpress.

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