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Slim MIDI hat for Raspberry PI 3/4/5

Slim MIDI hat for Raspberry PI 3/4/5

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Enhance your Raspberry Pi projects with the must-have accessory for music creation – our Raspberry Pi MIDI Interface Hat!

Discover the power and convenience of the Raspberry Pi MIDI Interface Hat/Shield, tailored specifically for your Raspberry Pi 3/4/5.

Say goodbye to the clutter of traditional USB-MIDI setups. Our Raspberry Pi MIDI Interface Hat boasts a slim, sleek design, making it the perfect choice for a minimalist and efficient setup. Installation is a breeze – simply add two holes for the mini-jack connections to your Raspberry Pi enclosure, and you're set. Transform your Raspberry Pi Zero into an ultra-compact MIDI controller effortlessly.

With the latest MIDI Hat (v1.2), revel in the added convenience of a 16-pin I/O connector. This feature empowers you to seamlessly integrate buttons, rotary encoders, or LEDs to effortlessly manage your Python MIDI scripts. Unleash your creativity and take your electronic music projects to new heights with the DOmoshop Raspberry Pi MIDI Interface Hat!

Not included:


  • 2 MIDI mini-jack TYPE-A connectors: IN/OUT
  • Additional 16 pins I/O connector for connecting buttons, rotary encoders or LEDs (MCP23017 chip)
  • MIDI IN/OUT ports are connected to the Raspberry RX/TX serial pins (10 and 8)
  • Raspberry PI 3B/3B+/4B/5 compatible shield. 
  • MIDI ports compatible with Zynaptik Zynthian.
  • 5 volts MIDI standard with buffer for improved compatibility with your gear
  • Hat version 1.2. PCB cut for camera and display cable + cut for I/O chip heat sink on PI3B+

Included: four nylon spacers, height = 8mm

For a great tutorial on how to use this Raspberry PI MIDI hat and how to reconfigure the Raspberry serial port to 31250 bauds please read our blog post.

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